Want a girlfriend or boyfriend? Do salsa!

Hi Superheros,

In case you don’t know, I love salsa. I’ve been doing salsa for about 3 years now and I frigging love it!
Why? I get to hang out with awesome people, we laugh, we make fools of ourselves, we meet new people, and if you want to hold a sexy women or cool man close to your body, you get to do this too. How Good!

What I also love about salsa is a great place to build a social connection.
Whether you realise it or not, the way people build connection is being in each others company a lot.
This is why people who work together end up dating, getting married and even having affairs at times. Why? Social connection over time.

I am very clear that who you hand out with over time, defines who you are, how you feel, what you think and what you will have in your life.

It also means to know how to interact when in the company of others.
If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, how to date women, how to date over 40. Come to salsa.
Yes, you will feel embarrassed, yes you will feel silly, yes it will take time, yes you need to leave your couch and TV. Yes you need to leave the safety of your friends and what you think they will think of you.

Lots of fun
New skills
New health
Get skinner
Get sexier
Meet hot fun awesome guys and gals
Take charge of your ego, your fears and your life.
Get an interesting life.

Wow! who would ever have though, committing 2 hours a week to learning how to salsa dance would give you so much value.

Well my fellow super hero’s, if you’re reading this. It does plus so much more.

So get on out their guys and gals, go find the love of your life, meet great women, great guys. Have fun and be social.

To your success,

Trevor Russell




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