Buying Girls Stuff – DOES NOT EQUAL SEX

Yes, superheros, get this, buying girls stuff

Have a listen to this interview with Pamela Anderson and Howard Stern.
Pamela talks about a Hollywood producer who thinks Tiffany s, Rolls Royce cars, Prada, money might open those legs up. Not So!

Howard Stern Show – Pam Anderson

What does a guy do to get sex?
How do you get a girlfriend?
How do you get to like you and want to have sex with you without buying her expense things? 

1. Firstly you need to get this, buying stuff does not create attraction in women.
2. What creates attraction is how you are being as a man.
This means being confident, open, fun, honest, cheeky even. A bit of a mystery to her.
3. Talk to the WOW side of her brain.
Most guys to talk to her shopping list side of her brain, being lap dogs, asking her million questions. Buying her stuff before you’ve had sex.
WOW side talking is being playful, confident, being a good story teller, being interested in her but not being a sucker hanging on her every word.
Being interesting, having hobbies, passions, and a life!
Being a bit unavailable.
4. Being confident enough to flirt with her and being very clear you are with her because you are attracted to her.
Not pretending to be a friend when you really want to get into her pants.
Be polite, but cheeky, fun and flirt with her.
5. YES – Buy her a coffee, buy her a juice, buy her a cup of tea. Yes.
5. NO – Don’t buy her stuff. Don’t buy expensive dinners, don’t buy gifts, don’t buy her stuff.
UNTIL, until you have had sex.
Then the game changes.

Being attractive to a women is more than anything about you being a man and not needing her. Being a man and being able to be in your own company and liking yourself.
She will get the difference.

Yes, some women want you to buy them everything. These women will pretend to like you and even have sex with you. However they will never be truly attracted to you and you will always know at some level she is only sitting on you because of your money.

If or when it’s gone. So will she.

Now go and have fun, take her out for coffee or juice.

To your success,


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