Are you a Man or a Pussy?

Are you are Man or a Pussy? 

That’s right, are you a Man or are you a Pussy? Why do I ask this question?
I was out last night and I continue to notice the men in one corner and the women in the other. The women know the men want to meet them and see how afraid they are.
Do you want to know why these women are wasting their time on their phone texting blah blah. Cause their bored man. Bored, all they seek is attention from a confident, fun man.

Playing it safe and fearing rejection is for Pussies!  Listen to what Arnold as to say about getting what you want in life. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Life’s 6 Rules

Arnold’s 6 Rules To Life Success
1. Trust yourself! Who do you want to be in this life?
What makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to other people.
2. Break the rules. If you want her, be willing to break the rules and meet her.
Stop wanting to be accepted and liked. Go for what you want.
3. Don’t be afraid to fail. Yes, if you try something and it doesn’t work, go again.
You will live.
4. Don’t listen to the scared and the weak. If you must, be the first to do it.
5. Work your butt off. Do what it takes to get what you want.
Go up to 20 women if you must until you get your girl.
Get off the TV, get off Facebook and get out there and go get her.
6. Give back. Be helpful and supportive to others.
Where you can help your friends meet their ideal woman, so they can find love and fun in their life.

I say to you men if you want a great woman, or to meet some and have fun and have hot great sex.

I say to you, SUCK IT UP, say to yourself, F^&%K OFF to fear, I say, go after what you want, regardless of fear. 

I promise you my friend, most women are doing their thing while they are waiting for their man to come along. Its all they talk, think and dream about. Some even in relationships are too. I know, funny. But True!

If you want a women, stop playing it safe, stop hiding out on RSVP or dating websites, stop playing it safe, stop going to the brothel, be man enough to take charge of feelings of rejection and fear. They’re just women, not monsters.

You’re the man, it’s your job on this planet to find out if she is available, politely. Be willing to even get no’s or ‘I’m not interested’, or even get a, ‘hey yes, I’d like to come out with you’.

I promise you they’re everywhere all around you, just take a look. Go say hi, introduce yourself. Be a Man!

Even if they’re taken, you will make her day. Why? Because most men are Pussies, and this action of approaching and being a man is primal. She will feel special regardless of how bitchy, immature or happy or responsive she shows you she is.

Clean up the mess out there men. Nothing has changed, people have just gotten scared and confused. Women are still women, men are still men.

Flirt with them, talk to them, meet them and by all means have fun.

To your success,

Trevor Russell

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