Are you Smiling Man?


Hey fellow Superhero’s,

I have a story to tell you. I was out at a cafe yesterday sitting down to have a nice coffee when I saw very attractive and fit blond women, whom I looked and smiled. I just felt it was what I must do. And honestly, I smile at just about everyone I get eye contact with these days.

It’s a much nicer fun way of living. You must try it and do it more. So much more!
This message for today; and this extremely valuable superhero quality is to get you to smile.
As Michael Jackson sings ‘Smile’… you need to listen to the words because it is so true. Even when life delivers all its ups and downs, which it’s going to do forever, you should smile go for the ride. Smile!

Watch the movie P.S. I Love You. Check out Gerard Butler (he’s the guy that dies). He’s always smiling and having a great time, even when they’re arguing. He keeps his head while she’s loosing hers.

Stage 1. To improving your ability to meet, connect and become super successful with more women.


When talking to guys about how they can meet more women, have more success with women, I so often hear them wanting what to say when they approach a women they don’t know, what to stay to do to get them into the sack. (bed)

Then I look see they are so nervous in their own skin, they can’t even look a women straight up in the eye and smile at them and maintain posture and a confidence.

If you’re falling into this category, I say to you this is your lesson.

Lesson for today

1.      When you are out and see women, any and every woman. Look at them and give them a nice smile.

2.      Push through your ego’s defenses, your silly monkey mind fears and have you stand tall like a superhero.

3.      The point here is to not necessarily get a smile back, its you being A MAN, walking tall and being a confident however humble man that wants to connect and bring happiness to yourself and then to others. In this case the beautiful women on the planet.

I dare you to see how you go with this challenge. It may seem simple, however be the observer of your emotions and see what happens. I’d love to hear your feedback on what occurs for you.

Hey you may even meet some lovely ladies. What a bonus!

A smile not only lets a woman know you’re having fun and not taking yourself too seriously, it shows that, hey, I’m a fun guy to get to know! Most guys are so nervous they forget to smile and show any form of confidence.

When you do get eye contact and keep smiling, she’ll find it harder and harder to keep from smiling herself. And once she’s smiling, or even laughing, you may have your first foot in the door. Also when you walk into a place with lots of ladies everywhere, enter with the biggest smile you can muster and look around at everyone in the eye, like you own the joint. This is confidence and power, which girls just love in a guy.

Hey superhero, please understand I am also not reducing the importance of things that go on your in life. Some can seem very important at times. Insecurities, women, friends, job, relationships, fears, money worries, loneliness, can all be very overwhelming and make life challenging to live. For which I am working to provide you many ways and steps to help combat these challenges.

However an important action at the top of the list is about smiling. It makes all the rest of the stuff much easier to do.

Give yourself a break and have a smile, ‘especially’ if you want to have ladies in your life. They want to have fun more than anyone. So Smile!! When you do this, it just takes the heaviness out of it all.

It’s time for a smile! That’s right! Before you do anything… smile right now!

See my friend you’re way too hard on you and we are way too serious on this planet.

As Mystery (The Game) says, ‘This is not a war game; no one gets shot or killed.’ It’s fun!

Please, if you get anything from this article, focus on having more fun each day, with yourself and your woman. You’ll love it and they’ll love you for it.  

To your super power,

Trevor Russell



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