Exclusive How To Be Super Successful With Women Seminar

After years of studying and these life changing principles… we now give you the opportunity to learn the skills and provide you with all the tools and support to develop a truly fulfilling life and be able to go out and meet women you desire and create amazing relationships.

What you will learn in this program is worth $1000s and $1000s of $$ due to what is will make you in confidence and skill!

You would think of nothing to go and spend $300, $400, $500 a weekend to party, drink, buy girls drinks in the hope of getting her to like you. How about investing your money into a proven plan of attack that will give you the skills to meet your ideal woman anywhere, anytime and take charge of your life and the world you live in.

Imagine being able to go out up to any woman you want to meet and her be captivated and want to meet YOU!

While we have lots of fun, this is a serious program and is all about becoming a better man and making no apology for going after what you want in life and love! There is nothing in this program you can’t share confidently with your women! They love it!

At the Seminar you will learn and get to:

  • Develop all the skills and confidence and power to openly go out into the world and meet amazing women
  • Learn what women want in a man and how to become that man
  • Learn what women want in a man and how to become that man
  • Meet lady coaches, Kelly on Lovology, Leah on Talking to Woman, Julie on Grooming and Style
  • Opportunity to practice you new found confidence with the Revolution Girls – Sophie, Summer, Leah, Kelly, Julies, Erin, Talitha
  • Learn what you want in your ideal woman and how to bring her into your life
  • Find out more about you and what you want from life – what do you want? where are you going?
  • What type of man are you and what what do you want to be?
  • Develop courage, confidence and motivation to go after what you want in life
  • Develop a step by step plan for the goals you want to achieve in your life, career, women, relationships, love and connection
  • Go out with a proven plan of success and meet the type of women you want to meet with confidence anytime anywhere
  • Get through the fear and anxiety of approaching women so you can have amazing relationships and love in your life
  • Talk to women and learn how to build a powerful connection with people and your women
  • Talk to women and learn how to build a powerful connection with people and your women
  • Be taken out into real life social environments and be supported to practice and meet women
  • Develop all the skills and abilities to create choices in your life and your relationships
  • What to do to have a success date when you can talk and connect all night long
  • Practice all your new skills with other women in a fun safe environment
  • Eliminate loneliness, heartache, frustration and doubt from your life
  • Bring, joy, funny and happiness into your life
  • Become a part of a great group of people

Men! There are amazing women out there in the world.
I can tell you from experience, women are crying out for you… and need and want you in their lives.
Learn how to finally give them what they’re looking for!
You can be single or be in a relationship and still get amazing learnings from the Revolution Training.

I am so proud and confident in this training. Bring your girl along, she’ll love it!

Time: All in class sessions 9.30am to 4.00pm
Evening 8.00pm to 1.00am (Out in the field coaching)
Investment: $375.. for all training and 1 evening of full life changing training This is the lowest investment price I will be offering ever on this program ever! I gaurantee you that if your life doesn’t change for the better in 3 months and with a woman or women in your life. I’ll give you your money back.

Please email us at – info@successwithwomen.com.au to discuss our programs and registration

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Thanks Trevor for all your coaching and advice. I got so much more than I bargained for. You truly know your stuff when it comes to women and how to connect with them.

I am a young man who never even spoke to girls to now... where I'm chatting and meeting women everywhere. And having your sexy friend come in and help me with my interaction with women. This was so helpful. My life is easier, more fun and I'm dating. What a turn around in such a short space of time.

- Michael GC

Trevor is someone I respect on both a personal and professional level.

Personally he is funny, outgoing, challenging and real. Professionally he is educated, experienced, professional and a leader. Anyone looking to engage his services with "The Revolution" please know his passion, knowledge and ability to get results comes with my absolute recommendation.

- Mary Victoria Evans
Business Owner

Trevor Russell has an amazing ability to connect with people. Ive seen it again and again. He is playful, funny and loves people.They feel comfortable and love being around him. The man is a master of creating connection. Take control of your life - intimate, business, friendships. Live the dream because life pays the price we ask of it.

- K-Man

I am progressing I will keep onto them and meet new woman as well and just keep on keeping on. Thanks for that day I really made some brake throughs that day. Thanks mate!

- Harry

WOW! its amazing to see what you have done to become a better man and help other men to develop an understanding of themselves and how to live a more fulfilling abundant life. I am also extremely impressed with your ability to meet and connect with women the way you do. I can see you have a deep passion and genuine caring for connection and what you do.

- Steve

"The Russel Revolution gets you in touch with your 'true inner super you' and empowers you to take your game and life to a whole new level. What ever your goals are 'join the revolution' today and master your inner and outer game forever"

- The Woman Whisperer

Trevor Russell is one of the most uplifting and magnamonous men I've had the honour to meet and is someone I now call my close friend. Trevor has changed my life for the better. I respect his ability to continually search within himself to find mastery, to seek the advise of many unconventional and conventional and then apply what he has learned in his own unique way -- Trevor is compassion all the way through and has taught me through his 'manning-up' process not only how to discern suitable; suitors but also how to 'man up' within my own life as an empowered female, my love always.

- Natasha
( Natashakti Namuhaud Yoga
Instructor and Spiritual

"After finishing "The Russell Revolution" the book, I am truly grateful there are people out there like Trevor Russell who have found their passion in helping others. For me the information contained in this BEST SELLER is far greater than the title suggests, HOW TO PICK-UP GIRLS.I would personally like to thank Trevor and encourage anyone who is interested in giving themselves the gift of a better life and becoming a truly richer person. Then Trevors Russells words of wisdom is a step in the right direct, and alot of fun in the process. "

- Business owner
David Patman