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Buying Girls Stuff – DOES NOT EQUAL SEX   May 12th, 2013

Posted at 1:24 am in Confidence,Dating and Romance

Yes, superheros, get this, buying girls stuff DOES NOT EQUAL GETTING SEX Have a listen to this interview with Pamela Anderson and Howard Stern. Pamela talks about a Hollywood producer who thinks Tiffany s, Rolls Royce cars, Prada, money might open those … read more

Are you a Man or a Pussy?   May 11th, 2013

Posted at 1:18 am in Confidence,Dating and Romance

Are you are Man or a Pussy?  That’s right, are you a Man or are you a Pussy? Why do I ask this question? I was out last night and I continue to notice the men in one corner and … read more

Grant Rant #123 – How to Overcome Fear and Insecurity   May 9th, 2013

Posted at 11:17 pm in Confidence

Hey Superheros, Check out Grant Cardons video here on How to Overcome Fear and Insecurity. Grants message is so very relevant to not only how you conduct yourself in your work, business and life for going after what brings up … read more

Lauren Look We Did It   May 6th, 2013

Posted at 4:30 am in Dating and Romance

Lauren, look we did it! The book How to Become Super Successful with Women is now published and printed. Check out the very attractive model on the cover. Look like anyone you know. Wink Wink! Thanks for being the Super … read more

Top 10 Rules for Dating & Romance for Men Over 55   May 4th, 2013

Posted at 1:53 am in Dating and Romance,Uncategorized

Hey fellow Superhero’s, Ok, so it’s time for me to provide you men, over 55, with the golden gems of how to successfully date women, connect with women and meet women over 55. The reason for me writing this BLOG … read more

Are you Smiling Man?   April 30th, 2013

Posted at 8:37 pm in Confidence

Hey fellow Superhero’s, I have a story to tell you. I was out at a cafe yesterday sitting down to have a nice coffee when I saw very attractive and fit blond women, whom I looked and smiled. I just … read more

Making a Decision to be Truthful   April 29th, 2013

Posted at 10:27 am in Uncategorized

Ok my superhero’s, here’s a new’s flash that will get you powering up! I want to talk to you about what ever superhero should have as the very cool values to live by. Being decisive and truthful. My girlfriend was … read more

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