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Do you worry about going bald? Here’s the answer to your worries   December 16th, 2013

Hair! What is it about hair for us guys, and women for that matter? Well, I know for me, it makes me feel good, has me feel confidence, youthful and even sexier. What about you, is it the same for … read more

Andy Rooney on Manhood, Relationships and Marriage. Enjoy!   August 6th, 2013

ANDY ROONEY ON MANHOOD, RELATIONSHIPS AND MARRAIGE Hi Superheros, I read these and almost laughed my head off!  A good laugh, enjoy!  1. When I was born, I was given a choice – a big pecker or a good memory….I … read more

How to get more women, just by swinging the bat   July 26th, 2013

10 Swings, 3 Strikes and You’re In! How do you get more women, just by swinging the bat?  Well my fellow Superheros, wanting for a better life and to be Super Successful at Meeting and Getting your Woman or Women.  … read more

How to get a girl to kiss you in less than 5 minutes   June 21st, 2013

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Hello fellow Superheros!  Yes it is possible to get a girl to kiss you in less than 5 minutes.  Check this video out with how to play the 5 Questions to a Kiss Game.  http://youtu.be/IRXZuKxJ2es This game is so much … read more

Feeling lonely, insecure, wish you had a girlfriend?   June 20th, 2013

Dear Superhero,  It’s confronting to ask, I know, however with only your happiness in mind… are you at times feeling lonely, frustrated, and insecure?  May you have thoughts of wishing you had a girlfriend?     Or even still wish you … read more

Do the work, get the prize   June 8th, 2013

Hello Fellow Superheros, So I wrote this book, How to Become Super Successful with Women. Yes, its a nice accomplishment, however not to show off that I wrote a book and things. It's just that I realised something on the … read more

More good women at salsa guys   May 31st, 2013

Ok Super men and Super women! Here is living proof, the amazing! the sexy! the fun! the booty! You get at salsa. Please if you want to improve your confidence in meeting women with success. To get yourself out and … read more

That’s not a knife, this is a knife!   May 30th, 2013

Posted at 4:26 am in Beautiful Women,Sexiness

In the words of Paul Hogan – Crocodile Dundee That's not a knife, this is a knife. I say, that's not a girl, this is a girl! Andressa do Hipertensão… Linda!!!!PENA QUE E COLORADA WOW!

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If its how to be able to talk to women you want to know, here’s your chance to learn how!   May 29th, 2013

Posted at 11:32 am in Confidence,Dating and Romance

How to become super successful with meeting women. Hey Superheros, My good mate Jay Jay is running an event next Thursday the 6th of June in Brisbane. Teaching Men the Mastery Skills of How to become more successful with women. … read more

Want a girlfriend or boyfriend? Do salsa!   May 22nd, 2013

Posted at 12:25 am in Confidence,Dating and Romance

Hi Superheros, In case you don’t know, I love salsa. I’ve been doing salsa for about 3 years now and I frigging love it! Why? I get to hang out with awesome people, we laugh, we make fools of ourselves, … read more

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