How to get more women, just by swinging the bat

10 Swings, 3 Strikes and You’re In!

How do you get more women, just by swinging the bat? 
Well my fellow Superheros, wanting for a better life and to be Super Successful at
Meeting and Getting your Woman or Women. 

Please take a deep breath and let’s move on with your super training.

As one of the key contributors men face with women, such as jealously, possessiveness and dysfunction in relationships, is due to a lack of choices. Know anyone like this or have you ever felt it? I know I have. 

It’s my observation that if men had a greater ability to meet more women, they’d be less attached to these primal attributes of control. As they would know in their soul, if the relationship was not working in a functional and mature manner, he would be able move on and find another mate. 

With this inner confidence of knowing how to meet and connect with women, it also makes him more attractive to his current woman, as she feels his confidence and knows that he has the ability and power to stay or leave.

Let’s look at an example of what I mean: 

Let us take a look at John and Michelle. John happens to get introduced by a friend to a
beautiful woman named Michelle and after meeting and talking, she shows some interest.
Bang! John has someone to pursue.

John takes her out, does the dating and romance thing and they eventually have sex. However she’s not really what he wants personality wise. To John, she’s seems a little rude and somewhat boring, but she looks pretty good and pays him some attention and he starts getting sex. He thinks to himself, ‘She aggravates me a little but getting sex. I don’t have any other options, so I better keep on my toes and pursue her!’

Michelle doesn’t really have anyone else paying her attention so she keeps going out with John. She can sense her power, as John does all these things for Michelle and is always there when she needs him. She can sense his desperation for not wanting to do anything to lose her. And this is leading to have him be less and less attractive to Michelle.

What she wants is for him to have his own opinion and not just be there for her when she says jump.

What happens next? Eventually Michelle is less and less available; and eventually she leaves him.
John in his state of thinking he has done everything he can do and not knowing what he has done is devastated.

If we had a differently trained John who knew he had skills to meet other women and his life would go on whether Michelle was in it or not, he would have given off a much more powerful air of confidence, which she would feel as a woman and which is very attractive to her.

She may even try to test him, complain and test him to see if she can control him and get him to give her more attention. But with John being strong and independent, standing his ground as a man, she will be far more attracted to him because he’s a man and has his own life and choices.

With the relationship having a much better possibility of working as Michelle would want to change somewhat to suit John and John would be accommodating also but confident with a life of his own.

They may find a common ground, from a place of understanding each other needs, but not from a place of codependent dysfunctional need!

So what’s the message of the story?

Have good skills and confidence with women and you’ll have successful relationships and overall a far more rewarding satisfying life. If you’re going to bring the type of women you want into your life, you’re going to need to be out meeting and chatting and connecting with more women so you can develop your skills.

By taking action, you will develop your skills, which will improve your confidence and then you will have more choices.

Please you have to get how important this statement is.

Just like a good sales person, the reason he is successful is because he is out asking if people would like to buy his product. No asking, no sale. Asking, some no’s, however some yeses.

This leads me to the formula I love. You don’t have to question it; you just have to following it.


Learn about yourself and who you are, attain the right knowledge by what you are doing here which is studying and from all the other information I have recommended you study, to then be on your way to developing a plan of attack.

Take this in because it’s important:

Because you’re now backed with the skills to attract women and ask them out for dates. As an average let’s say you meet 10 women, statistically you will get an average of 3 to 4 successes. By successes I mean, yes to going out, dates and possibly 1 or 2 you’re really interested in and can pursue.  

For most men, you couldn’t even imagine meeting 10 women in a year let alone a week. However if we remove all the emotions of going and meeting women and compare it to baseball… if you were on the bating pitch and you take a swing and it’s a gutter ball, you’d move back up to the plate, pick the bat up again and swing.

However what do men do out there like in the example of John and Michelle? What they do is, take one swing and then stick with it because they think it’s the only chance they’re going to get.

Or they’re just lazy and it’s the only effort their willing to make! I’ve got one now, she’s ok, I’ll marry her and then I can sit back and relax and become a fat bastard!

However this book is about being Super Successful with Women! So what do the best golfers, baseballers, basketballers and footballers do to be successful at their craft? Well firstly they take lots of swings and these are skilled swings having learning from trial and error. With all this skill they still have around a 60 to 70% average overall success rate with swings, strikes and dunks.

But what do they do that the majority don’t?
They keep on getting back up and taking the swing.  
This is how they over time become champions!
They keep swinging.

So other important stats for your to be aware of to help you feel better about yourself. With nothing being personal about you, with taking 10 swings to meet and ask women out and why on average only 3 to 4 home runs? I’m here to say this swing average is not low due to you.
What it is due to is, that on average 30% of woman are married or taken, 30% are not going to work for you or them due to interest’s connection and beliefs.

This leaves around 30% or again 3 strikes.

So what is the key to having greater success and higher home runs?
Get your swing average up! Ok, practice better swinging skills; however get the swing average up.

Whether the girl’s response is positive or negative, it doesn’t matter.
It’s having had a go and learning how to be confident enough to walk up to the plate and swing that bat!

So my friend, keep learning to step up to the plate and get swinging.

The swinging of that meeting women bat!

Then back it with further practice to hit the ball as best as you can consistently to make those home runs.

If you want to really master the art of being Super Successful with Women, you must do yourself a favour and read this book. 
I promise you for your efforts it will change your life.

No please go out there and swing that bat of talking, asking and doing. 

Until then, may you enjoy many wonderful things. 

Trevor Russell 

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