How to get a girl to kiss you in less than 5 minutes

Hello fellow Superheros! 

Yes it is possible to get a girl to kiss you in less than 5 minutes. 
Check this video out with how to play the 5 Questions to a Kiss Game.

This game is so much fun to play anywhere when you're out meeting women socially. 
And from my experience women always like a nice kiss or 10. :)  

Oh and ladies you can play this game also with guys. Go on I dare you! 

To your success with the ladies, and men. 

Wow! Maybe you'll end up pashing a Hottie Just like this one. 
How nice! 

Feeling lonely, insecure, wish you had a girlfriend?

Dear Superhero, 

It’s confronting to ask, I know, however with only your happiness in mind…
are you at times feeling lonely, frustrated, and insecure? 
May you have thoughts of wishing you had a girlfriend?    

Or even still wish you had one better than what you have got?
Because you settled for what you think you can get, as opposed to what
you would really like to have in a girlfriend, partner or wife.
And you would just like to have some damn good sex?

I am here to give you the answers on how to approach women, have them be interested in you, get lots more sex. 

I promise you, I am giving it here to you. Its all in my new updated book,
How to Become Super Successful with Women.

Firstly watch this video

How to Get a Girl to Kiss you in Less than 5 Minutes 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH MAN! Please Do Yourself a Favour 
Snap out of your Hypnosis, I emplore you! 

MMM??? $30 
Do I spend $30 on buying a heap of ladies drinks
tonight with nothing in return but frustration and disappointment.
Or do I spend $30 on a book and access to Men where I online casino can learn
HOW to Really Have a Women be interested in me?
To want to F*&K the living S&*T out of me?  Interested?  


Jay Jay my best friend ran the very successful event.

The secrets Revealed on How to Become Super Successful with Women
It was such a great evening and I have to say because I am so proud to have been amongst such… Courageous Men and Women. 

It's so important I must yell it out. Courageous! 


Oh and at some level if you're mind is telling you, you don't deserve to have a happy, successful, fun alive life with a great women and lots of sex. 
Tell it to go and F off. Because it's all a pack of lies. 

Ok my good man, to your success, 

Go to work! 



WOW! Such an amazing eye opening read. You will never look at women the same after reading this book. Too long have a stood by and let my inner fears restrict me from meeting and talking to women. This book has given me a fun and easy way to approach women and has helped my self-confidence enormously. Who knew you could meet women during the day!? The only thing you have to lose is that fear inside of you!

My coaching experience with Trevor has been nothing short of amazing. Trevor has coached me for almost a year now and has really helped me turn my life around for the better. Most of all he has made me realise my potential for seeking out my passions and pushing past the limiting beliefs or ‘IT’ voice. If you are after someone who will really believe in you and were you want to go, with a common sense approach, all while holding you accountable every step along the way then I have no hesitation in recommending my Mentor, Coach and Friend Trevor Russell.  

P. Cole – Melbourne VIC 

Do the work, get the prize

Hello Fellow Superheros,

So I wrote this book, How to Become Super Successful with Women.
Yes, its a nice accomplishment, however not to show off that I wrote a book and things.
It's just that I realised something on the weekend.

I got the Got the Prize. Here is my awesome, sexy, deliscous girl Z. WOW! So cool! 














Z and I went away on the weekend and we had the best time and I reflected on how far I have
come as a person and as a man.
What I believe and what I have learnt about men and women.

Has the journey been fun? Yes!
Has it been hard and challenging! YES!
What I am proud to say, without me realising it at the time, is, I did do some hard yards to learn and
grow and develop a new way of thinking and being.

And for this I got the prize, I got the Prize of an amazing woman and life partner.

Ladies and Gentlemen 

  • If you want to have a great relationship with casino online the opposite sex

  • Have more high quality sex

  • Meet and approach women and know what to say and do to build connection 

  • To date more and have more fun doing it

  • To be able to kiss a girl and have her attracted to you

Do the work and you get the prize. Read my book, read other books. Do the course. 
Most importantly do the approaches, get out there and try new things. 
Live your life and have fun while you do it. 

It's all a game. 
It can be a fun game if you let yourself. 

A super life is what I wish for you. 

To your super success, 

Trevor Russell 

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